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Ren Foster, Mandeville Middle School
6th Grade Science Fair, 3rd place winner

The Harvey L. Foster Foundation for Science Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed in late 2007 by Mike and Christine Foster of Mandeville, Louisiana. The Foundation, named after Mike’s father, Harvey Love Foster, has a philosophy deeply rooted in the principles of philanthropy.

The Harvey L. Foster Foundation for Science Education has a mission to instill an interest in science in youths, to further science education in under-funded programs in elementary, secondary, and higher education in the St. Tammany, Washington, Livingston, and Tangipahoa Parishes of Louisiana, and to assist high school and college students in pursuing college degrees in the areas of science and engineering.

Our goal is to encourage students of all ages to develop their interest in science and pursue science and engineering degrees.